• Access50 5 Year Toplist 2010-2014

ACCESS-50 5 Year Toplist 2010-2014
Ranking the largest powered access fleets in the world

Access International’s Access-50 tracks the largest powered access fleets in the world. Our new five-year compilation provides expert analysis and opinion of the highs, lows, and trends the industry has undergone during the 2010-2014 period.

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  • Published: August 2014
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The first ACCESS50 list in this five-year compendium was put together in the second half of 2010, by which time the global economic crises had taken a firm grip and resulted in defleeting pretty much across the board. The slow recovery is charted in these pages, culminating in the 2014 edition, which arguably marks the final throws of an unprecedented period of global gloom.

Rental Companies in North America were among the first to put on the breaks back in 2008 and, looking at the 2013 and 2014 lists, have become the first to return to serious growth now that its economy is back on track. Little has changed in the fact that North American companies still dominate the top 10 as they did in 2010, except now even more so following the recession years. The European giants make themselves known in the second half of the top 20 where they now take up a majority of the places.

There is much more to analyse and discover as you sift through five years of developments in the access rental equipment industry. And rest assured, this unique report is the only way to discover the fortunes of access rental companies on a case-by-case basis over that period.

The report is in English and all prices given are for DIGITAL format only.

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Access50 5 Year Toplist 2010-2014

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