• IC-200 - 5 Year Toplist 2011-2015

iC-200 -  5 Year Toplist 2011-2015

International Construction’s unique ranking of the world’s 200 largest construction companies.

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  • Published: July 2015
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International Construction’s ranking of the world’s 200 largest construction companies is one of the world’s most respected benchmark studies for the global construction industry. It charts the rises and falls of the global sector’s most important companies, reflecting individual company’s success and failures, as well as wider industry trends such as corporate consolidation and the ebb and flow of different markets.
It is these crucial long-term trends that are covered in this compendium of five years of the iC200. This multi-year study allows readers not only to follow the movements of individual companies, but the movements of whole groups of companies from different countries and different sectors. 
As well as providing information about individual companies, analysis of the Top 200 also gives important indications about the strength of the global construction market. Metrics like changes in profitability have proven to be important leading-edge indicators for changes in the global market, with the drop-off in profitability in 2007 pointing to a slowdown long before economists had woken up to the threat to the world economy that the US sub-prime crisis would have.
This highlights the value of iC’s Top 200 ranking and the benefits of taking a long view of the study as well as an annual snapshot.

The report is in English and all prices given are for DIGITAL format only.

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IC-200 - 5 Year Toplist 2011-2015

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