• iC Yellow Table 5-year Toplist 2011-2015

iC Yellow Table 2011-2015

International Construction's annual ranking of the world's 50 largest construction equipment manufacturers.

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  • Published: Apr 2015
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International Construction’s annual Yellow Table survey is recognised the world over as the definitive ranking of the 50 largest companies in the construction equipment industry. But as well as offering a unique insight into the shape of the industry, the Yellow Table also provides analysis of key trends. As well as charting year-on-year revenues to help outline the industry’s cycle, the Yellow Table offers an analysis of which country’s manufacturers are rising and falling.

This publication, which is a compendium of five Yellow Table reports from 2011 to 2015 charts the changing landscape in the industry following the global economic crisis. In the years immediately after the crisis there was a sharp re-bound driven by the stimulus building boom in China. This is apparent from total revenue figures as well as the rise of China’s domestic manufacturers, which reached their peak in revenue terms in 2011 (as detailed in the 2012 edition of the Yellow Table).

More recently, the industry has seen stagnation in 2012 and a second dip in 2013, driven by a downturn in global mining activity, the inevitable bursting of the Chinese stimulus bubble and the sharp depreciation of the Japanese Yen. Weakness continued in 2014, as detailed in the 2015 edition of the Yellow Table, but with a shallower fall in revenues from than the previous year than in 2012 to 2013.

All these trends are analysed in detail, with their impact on the regional and global construction equipment industry, throughout this special report.

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iC Yellow Table 5-year Toplist 2011-2015

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