• Special Report: Earthmoving 2014


Special Report: Earthmoving 2014

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  • Sector: Construction
  • Published: Oct 2014
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KHL’s Special Report on earthmoving equipment, comprises new product news, case studies and machine specifications published by in the pages of International Construction during 2014.

Earthmoving machines are the most widely used types of construction equipment in the world, from the ubiquitous excavator and wheeled loader to more specialised types such as graders, dozers, scrapers and haulers. These machines play a vital role in construction the world’s infrastructure, and their performance and capabilities are crucial in the successful execution of projects.

It is an area that has seen enormous change over the last decade or so due to the introduction of progressively more demanding limits on engine emissions. Initially these laws were only in place in Europe, Japan and North America, but now they are a key part of many other countries’ environmental policies.

However, there is now a definitive split between the highly regulated developed markets and other parts of the world. This is because meeting the latest requirements in Europe, Japan and North America not only requires advanced engines, but also high-quality fuel with almost no sulphur in it. As these fuels are not widely available in emerging markets, the earthmoving equipment market has fractured, with manufacturers producing one model for highly regulated markets, and one model for other areas.

This is one of the key issues that you’ll see discussed in the pages of this special report. It highlights the changes that have happened in legislation over the last few years and discusses their implications for contractors and other machine owners. But as well as that, the report looks at how new engine technology is bringing a benefit in terms of fuel efficiency, even if it is at a price of more expense and complexity.

With 67 pages, KHL’s Special Report: Earthmoving is an invaluable reference guide for all those working with earthmoving equipment. As well as a fascinating look at the industry over the past three years, it includes a comprehensive listing of equipment – tracked excavators, ADTs, dozers, scrapers and wheeled loaders – taken from KHL’s renowned Yellow Book.

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Special Report: Earthmoving 2014

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