• Special Report: On site

Special Report: On site

KHL’s Special Report: On site is a compendium of site reports from the pages Demolition & Recycling International (D&Ri) magazine.

  • Genre: Report
  • Sector: Demolition & Recycling
  • Published: Sept 2012
  • No. pages: 78
  • Format: Digital
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Covering 2008 to 2012, On Site illustrates the skills of demolition contractors from around the World that have made the most challenging of demolition projects appear simple and straight-forward.

With over 35 site reports covering everything from from nuclear decommissioning (quite possibly the most challenging environment of all) through urban regeneration to the clearance of redundant industrial facilities, the abilities of demolition contractors are continually being put to the test to meet often challenging timelines and budgets, and the reports in KHL’s Special Report: On site clearly show how these factors are successfully met.

Another feature of the reports is the level of innovation and imaginative use of construction machinery the demolition industry frequently displays to meet specific challenges imposed by a given contract.

The most costly machines on any construction site are invariable present at the beginning of the work when the site is being cleared for a new development in the shape of the demolition contractor's high reach and heavy duty demolition excavators.

Relatively rare 10 years ago, high reaches are now almost commonplace, especially in Europe, and the skills displayed by their operators can be truely impressive.

KHL’s Special Report: On site is an invaluable look at this specialist sector, order your copy today!

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Special Report: On site

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