IC50 - 5 Year Toplist 2011-2015

IC50 - 5 Year Toplist 2011-2015

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IC50 - 5 Year Toplist 2011-2015

The IC50 was the first of its kind. It started in June 1995 and immediately became the benchmark survey for the crane industry worldwide, a position it has retained. Support has strengthened each year to the latest, 2015, edition’s 20th Anniversary.

International Cranes & Specialized Transport magazine’s IC50 is the original annual listing and ranks the world’s largest crane-owning companies by their IC Index value, calculated by adding together the maximum load moment rating, in tonne-metres, of all mobile and crawler cranes in the fleet.

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  • Published: Jul 2015
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Putting the last five years of IC50 tables together here is a convenient way to have all the information from the most recent five years of the ranking together in one handy volume to help provide insight into trends among the leading crane-owning companies in the world.

Each edition of the IC50 helps build a data source that becomes an ever stronger and more comprehensive benchmark of industry information with the passage of time.

In many respects the IC50 is very different now from those early days in the 1990s. We have expanded the main listing of mobile and crawler crane owners from 35 to 216 companies, and the separate IC Tower Index grew fivefold from five to 25 companies in 2013.

Aside from the changes in the way that the IC50 is organised, it is the companies in the list that have changed dramatically. These differences are a distinct reminder of the huge changes that have occurred in the industry over a relatively short time.

Extensive consolidation means that several of the companies in the first IC50 are now barely recognisable, having been subsumed into others, some of which, in their turn, have also, at the very least, changed their names and, generally, much more than that.

The report is in English and all prices given are for DIGITAL format only.


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